♥ How does a Reiki care work? ♥

A Reiki care lasts around one hour. Make sure you reserve 1:15 in your agenda because I will offer you a tea at the end of the session in order to talk and exchange.

During a Reiki care, you lie down on a massage table, you remain clothed. I offer you a blanket to increase comfort. The Reiki energy passes straight through matter, thus you will perfectly feel beneficial effects of Reiki.

I lay my hands on different parts of your body. If your prefet, I can also remain a few inches above.

You will feel some parts of your body getting hot or tingling. Sensations are different from a person to another, and from a session to another. However, you will feel appeased after the Reiki care, as if a well-being cover had been gently dropped on you.

After a Reiki care, it is advisable to drink a little bit more water than usual.