♥ The 5 Principles Of Reiki ♥

“Just for today I will not worry.”

This principle invites us to think about this following question: have I a worry here and now? In 90% of the cases, the answer is “no”. The problem I am facing is most of the time created by my mind and isn’t really real. Mikao Usui opens the “go with the flow” way and pushes us to drop our concerns, to break free from our fears, to live fully and consciously here and now.

“Just for today I will not be angry.”

Anger comes from fear and our refusal to live our life as it is. It also comes from our will to control everything. The aim is not to keep calm whatever happens  – this would be a little utopian – but to live the anger consciously when it comes. It means that running away from the rage is not the solution. Facing it when it is here, saying “hello”, accepting it without judging is the key. And accepting doesn’t mean identifying. The metaphor of a train helps us to understand this principle: the train embodies the anger. I have two choices: either I’m in the locomotive, or I’m on the station platform and I watch the train go by. It’s up to me.

“Just for today, I will be grateful.”

This rule invites us to be grateful for all people who guided us on our path: our parents, our teachers, etc. The experiences we had thanks to them, whether positives or not, transformed us and brought us to be who we are today. It means having some respect for them. Forgiveness is also linked to this principle. Resentment we could feel towards our parent for example doesn’t help us to be the most beautiful version of ourselves. Resentment or hate can only block the energy and make pains in our body. Forgiveness is not an obligation, it is release we offer to ourselves.

Just for today I will do my work honestly.”

This principle means to be aligned with our path and not to betray ourselves. It is having our thoughts, words and acts in harmony. For example, if I think “no”, I say “no” et and I act like a “no”. I don’t say “yes” and act like a “yes”. We betray ourselves without realizing it dozens of times a day. The easiest way to be honest with ourselves while living in an harmonious way with other people, is to speak from our feelings. It allows us to explain serenely our reasons for a “yes” or a “no” without judging.

“Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.”

This rule of life is linked to the earth’s ecological balance. All life forms have to coexist and live together in order to make the ecosystem work harmoniously. Mikao Usui invites us to become aware of this and not to disturb this harmony.


This principle goes even farther and asks us the following question: Am I a life form among all the others or is there only one life to which I belong? This examination takes us back to the interconnection between the beings, to the great whole which we are a part of. My well-being is linked to that of the others, and the others’ well-being is linked to mine. When I do something good for me, I do something good for everyone around me, and vice versa. When I am judging, I don’t respect other people and finally I don’t respect myself either. Accepting myself entirely and unconditionally is the first step to accept the other and life in all its forms. It doesn’t mean to be passive and to accept everything without discernment. We all have the right to have an opinion, to choose the experiences we want to live and the persons we want to mix. Judging and having an opinion are two different things:

  • When I say “This theater play is really bad”: I am judging.
  • When I say “I don’t like this theater play”: I’m expressing an opinion.
    The result is quite different.

This rule “Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing” brings us to the cosmic unity: “We are all ONE.” This rule invites us not to live our life as if we were isolated from the others. We all influence the course of life, even at our level, as small as it is. When I get angry, I feed the fear egregore. When I feel love, I feed the love egregore. It’s up to me. As Gandhi famously noted: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”