♥ Who am I? ♥

Hi everyone,


My name is Alice, I am passionate about theater, improvisation, self-expression in all its forms. I love reading, writing and I’m convinced that happiness is somewhere between the tender fragrance of a cup of tea, the lines of a scribbled notebook and a gentle cat’s purr.


After experiencing a conventional way including a science baccalaureate, a preparatory class for higher education institutes, a Business School, different internships, a fixed-term contract, and other open-ended contracts, I realized that I was looking for something else. What I didn’t know yet was I had a furious desire to live.


And after a lot of reading, searching and questioning, I discovered Reiki. It was this kind of moments when something clicks into place, when a door opens, when the wind blows in the right direction. I felt I was in the right place for the first time in my life. Thus, I have been initiated to the 4 degrees of Reiki Usui Shiki RyohoReiki Shamballa and Reiki Karuna®. I also take this opportunity to gratefully thank Carine Kittler for these unforgettable moments of life.


Once Reiki was included in my life, it was impossible to turn back and to keep the life I used to have. I decided then to become independent and to launch my own Reiki office near Dijon.


Why Dijon ?
I come from Toulouse (southwest of France), I grew up near Poitiers (west of France), I studied in Rouen (northwest of France) and Montreal (Canada), I started my professional life in Paris and then moved to Strasbourg (east of France). Then I spent two years of my life in Luxembourg where I set up my Reiki office before settling in Longvic, near Dijon (east of France). I never planned anything, I always followed the flow such as events, occasions, opportunities. Life called me once again in Burgundy. I just answered the call and moved there.


This is why I’m here in front of you, offering what could probably change your existence: a Reiki care.


So, should we go further?